Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

Merritt + 1 other campus


Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) is a full and independent member of BC's public post-secondary education system with legislated authority to grant its own course credits and transcripts. NVIT offers innovative, relevant credentials for future First Nations leaders in the fields of Wellness, Governance, Land, and Economic Development. These programs are guided by the commitment and vision of the Nicola Valley's six local bands. This vision encompasses and honors First Nations traditional culture and values, and recognizes the need to balance these within the educational goals of the Institute's curriculum. NVIT believes in a holistic approach to education whereby the student's knowledge base is enhanced by those values unique to First Nations culture.

NVIT is made up of two campuses. Its original campus in Merritt BC as well as a Vancouver Campus (located on Mathissi Place in Burnaby BC near the border of Vancouver).

Institution Size

  • Domestic: 1,375
  • International: 10