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Accounts & applications

How do I create an EducationPlannerBC account?

Can I change a submitted application?

What are the program application deadlines for B.C. colleges and universities?

How do I save long answers in the EducationPlannerBC application form?

What information and documents do I need to apply?

What is a PEN? Where do I find mine?

How do I submit my transcripts and additional admission documents?

How can I add my education to my Academic History section?

How can I check my application status? When can I expect my offer letter?

How do I know my application was submitted successfully?

What does it mean if an institution is "offline"?

How can I update the email address associated with my EducationPlannerBC account?

Application fees & financial assistance

I have a credit card/payment question

Student financial assistance, what is available to me?

Why is the application fee payment page not loading?

What is the StrongerBC future skills grant?

What is tuition?

Program planning

High school upgrading

How many programs can I apply for using EducationPlannerBC?

How can I contact institution's listed on the EducationPlannerBC website?

What is My List?

What is Find Your Path?

Technical questions

How can I reset my password and/or recover my account?

The application form won't let me proceed, why?

Why am I not receiving emails from EducationPlannerBC?

Why am I receiving an error message on my account page?

I'd like to upload a file to my application, how can I do that?

How do I enter my OUAC number on the application form?

Notices & requests

Service Outage Notice

Looking to book a high school presentation?

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