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We connect people to education and career opportunities through information, support, and technology. Our website is home to the provincial post-secondary application service and valuable resources. Students can access information such as program and career planning, admission requirements, financial aid options, and can easily apply to any of B.C.’s 25 public post-secondary institutions. EducationPlannerBC improves access to post-secondary education in B.C. by engaging and informing students and their supporters, throughout their planning, researching, and applying stages, with no associated cost.


To every person, a pathway to the future. 


We connect people to education and career opportunities through information, support and technology. 


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EducationPlannerBC reports & plans

Leadership team

Karen McCredie, Executive Director

Karen joined EducationPlannerBC as the Executive Director in 2019. Karen drives the strategic direction of the organization. She brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles in B.C. post-secondary institutions as well as being a member of a variety of councils, working groups and committees in related agencies and the Ministry.


Stacey Baker, Chief Technology Officer

Stacey has been with EducationPlannerBC since 2017, responsible for facilitating and managing systems development projects for EPBC’s services. He brings a wealth of knowledge from many different technology leadership roles in Canada and the UK, in various sectors including in the e-commerce, financial, government, as well as health care sectors.


Cathy van Soest, Director of Client Relations

Cathy joined EducationPlannerBC in 2015 and leads the integration and strategic utilization of EPBC’s products and services for use by the post-secondary sector, including client relationship management, product/service management and delivery, and technical support. Cathy is also responsible for EPBC’s annual conference, EPBConnects. Cathy has worked in both post-secondary and K-12 sectors and has a background in open learning, education technology and international education. She is a member and past Co-chair of the Canadian Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council User Group (CanPESC) and collaborates across Canada to advance the use of digital data standards for educational record exchange.


Jillian Feist, Director of Corporate Services

Jillian has been with EducationPlannerBC since 2019 and is responsible for leading the internal services for the organization in the areas of administrative services, policy, privacy, internal IT, and reporting. She brings a comprehensive leadership background in post-secondary education from her roles in the registrar’s office, faculty human resources, and co-op education as well as her involvement in post-secondary sector working groups and as a sessional instructor.


Kelly Cameron, Director of Marketing and Engagement

Kelly joined EducationPlannerBC in 2021, leading the community engagement work to reach students and their supporters throughout the province, as well as managing EPBC’s branding and communications to create awareness and deliver messaging to support EducationPlannerBC services. She brings a well-rounded background in marketing and communications from across a range of corporate, government and not-for-profit environments, with a focus in branding, community engagement, and program implementation.  

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the strategic operations and finances of EducationPlannerBC (EPBC) to support the provision of a provincial application and data exchange hub designed to improve access to public post-secondary education in British Columbia by engaging and informing applicants and their supporters throughout their post-secondary research, planning and application stages. The Committee is committed to principles of diversity reflective of the province.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee helps to ensure the effective governance of the organization by providing timely support, advice and/or recommendations to the Co-chairs of the Steering Committee, members of the Steering Committee, committee chairs, and the Executive Director on matters related to human resources and compensation, as well as time-sensitive, strategic operational or significant human resources issues emerging between meetings of the Steering Committee.


Finance and Risk Committee

The Finance, Audit & Risk Committee assists the Steering Committee in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning and risk management and when required, to make recommendations to the full Steering Committee for approval.


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee oversees the succession planning for the Steering Committee/Board and its subcommittees. The Nominations Committee ensures that selection criteria are being met, recommends potential members/directors to the Steering Committee/Board (for eventual appointment by the general membership) and recommends membership for subcommitees to the Steering Committee/Board. The Nominations Committee ensures the timely identification and selection of new members/directors and representatives in the event of anticipated or unanticipated vacancies from the Steering Committee/Board and subcommittees.


Functional Advisory Committee

The Functional Advisory Committee provides support and advice to the Executive Director, EducationPlannerBC (EPBC) on functional enhancements and technology development for application services and transcript services to ensure the best user experience for applicants/users and post-secondary institutions (PSI).


Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee provides support and advice to the Executive Director, EducationPlannerBC (EPBC) on strategies related to sector architecture, technical policies and industry best practices.


Transcript Standards Reference Group

The Transcript Standards Reference Group provides a reference group for PESC XML transcript standards and inter-institutional exchange, so that all participating BC PSIs are following the same convention for transcript exchange.