Fish, Wildlife and Recreation: Diploma

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2 years
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The FWR program provides students with relevant and practical hands-on learning through field labs and classroom experiences. Learning outcomes are aligned with current needs of government, the conservation and stewardship community and private industry. Faculty liaisons and partnerships with industry, and input from the FWR Program Advisory Committee, ensure that learning outcomes reflect the needs for managing natural renewable resources in urban, rural, and wild land environments.

In Year One (first and second terms), the program provides students with a solid academic foundation and basic field skills for careers in renewable resources. The overall objective of course content and assignments in the first year is to create an understanding of the ecosystems in BC, renewable resource assessment, management, and inventory methods and standards.

This sets the foundation for Year Two (third and fourth terms) where students focus primarily on fish, wildlife, natural landscapes and parks and outdoor recreation management. During this second year, students spend as much time in the field as they do in the classroom.

A significant part of the second year is centered on a year-long applied research project. The project is done in groups of three and is normally undertaken for an external client (e.g., government agency, NGO). Upon completion of the diploma, graduates receive a Diploma of Technology and with work experience, can apply for a professional designation as a Registered Professional Biology Technologist (RPBTech) with the BC College of Applied Biology. Graduates of the FWR Diploma program are also eligible for entry in the BCIT two-year Bachelor’s Degree in Ecological Restoration.

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