Computer Systems: Certificate (Part-time)

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Program type
3 - 4 years (part-time)
Start date
January, April, September
$500 - $600 per course


The Computer Systems Certificate (CSC) in Flexible Learning provides foundational skills in software development, mathematics, computer systems, and computer science. Participants are introduced to solving problems by starting with Python, moving to Java, and C programming, along with other entry-level computing and IT skills. You'll work in teams to create databases, and gain hands-on experience with software application development, plus build websites with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. There is a foundation of mathematics and computer architecture, as well as business analysis and systems design, along with soft skills for the workplace, including business and technical reports, interpersonal communication, group work and presentations. After completing the program, you can continue onto the diploma program or find employment.

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