Powerline Technician Pre-Apprenticeship

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Program type
12 weeks
Start date
March, September
$13,000 total

Powerline Technician

Powerline technicians install, maintain and repair overhead, underground and underwater powerlines and cables, and other associated equipment such as insulators, conductors, lightning arrestors, switches, metering systems, transformers and lighting infrastructure. For detailed information on the scope of knowledge and skills taught and assessed in this program refer to the Program Outline, available on the SkilledTradesBC website.

Link to SkilledTradesBC Program Profile

Individuals who wish to begin an apprenticeship in this program must register with SkilledTradesBC along with their sponsor. Application forms for all programs are available from the SkilledTradesBC website. Online registration is also available for most programs through the SkilledTradesBC website. Those who wish to challenge the Powerline Technician certification must complete the Powerline Technician Challenge Application and submit it to SkilledTradesBC. Challenge applications are assessed for proof of workplace hours and scope of experience prior to acceptance of the individual into the Challenge pathway.

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