Recreation Therapist Assistant Certificate

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The Recreation Therapist Assistant Certificate (RTAC) will prepare the graduate to work as an Assistant to Recreation Therapists and as Recreation Therapy Workers. It is a ten-month certificate of full-time study including two semesters of coursework plus 8 weeks of practical experience in clinical settings. Recreation Therapist Assistants help to plan, coordinate, and deliver recreation-based treatment programs for people of all ages, with a variety of disabilities, injuries, or conditions, in many healthcare and community settings. Principles, theory, and practice will be taught at the Assistant level in the discipline of Recreation Therapy. Students will obtain an academic and practical foundation in the areas of health and recreation. Students will graduate with a Recreation Therapist Assistant Certificate (RTAC) which will enable them to work at an entry-level as an assistant in the area of recreation therapy and as a recreation and/or activity therapy worker.

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