Religion workers


Religion workers include brothers, nuns, monks, religious education workers and others who provide support to ministers of religion or to a religious community and who perform certain functions associated with the practice of a religion. They may perform these duties in churches, synagogues, temples or other places of worship; in institutions such as schools, hospitals and prisons; or in industrial facilities, corporate enterprises; or they may work in private practice.

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Assist at services of public worship and religious rites

  • Provide religious education, spiritual guidance and moral support to members of a religious community

  • Conduct outreach activities and facilitate community involvement

  • Administer programs providing food, clothing and shelter

  • May plan, organize and lead worship services and church activities for a specific audience.

Job titles

  • animator - spiritual guidance
  • brother/sister - religion
  • cantor
  • Christian Science nurse - non-medical
  • Christian science practitioner
  • Christian science worker

Employment prospects

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Education and training

Employment requirements

  • Completion of college, university or other program in religious studies may be required, depending on the particular occupation and religion.
  • There may be other employment requirements depending on the particular occupation and religion.

Additional information

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Certification requirements

  • No certification requirements

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