Public post-secondary institutions in BC are prepared to welcome new and current students for classes in Fall 2020 through a variety of learning methods while continuing to adhere to public health guidelines.

In addition to their current services for students, institutions are also developing supports to ensure a smooth and successful transition into the new learning methods for their programs.

Our Helpdesk will remain available to answer any questions or concerns regarding applications.

Please find links to post-secondary institution websites regarding their response on COVID-19 in our FAQs.

Please find the Ministry of Education regular updates regarding COVID-19 here: Safe & Healthy Schools.

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Easier to Plan, Search, and Apply

Better Data, Increased Efficiencies

Alignment with Government's Digital Strategy

EducationPlannerBC provides tremendous value for students, institutions, and the Province of BC.

Value for Students

  • Improved access to information: search and compare programs offered at B.C. public post-secondary institutions
  • Less complexity to navigate: common application experience regardless of how many institutions to which they apply, common student profile can be used for all applications, reducing duplicate information entry
  • Better defined pathways to educational goals and connections to labour market outcomes
  • Easier movement of transcripts and documents to support their applications

Value for Institutions

  • Simplified process: integrates transcripts and required documents into the application process, enables institutions can receive the data they need to make faster admission decisions
  • Increased data and analytics to inform institutions: allows institutions to screen for qualified applicants with greater efficiency and track the demand for seats
  • Flexible and customizable application that can be tailored to the needs of the institution and program: provides features and technologies that smaller institutions may not be able to afford to develop on their own
  • Electronic receipt of transcript data and documents to enable more timely admission decision

Value for Government

  • Improve services for citizens: a centralized place for applicant data, which allows for informed policy making decisions
  • Cross-sector collaboration: the movement of data through transcript exchange services allowing for faster service and access to the B.C. post-secondary system