Our Team

Our Team

EducationPlannerBC provides a range of services and supports to the operations of the overall project. 

EPBC Leadership Team:

Karen McCredie, Executive Director

Karen has been with EducationPlannerBC since 2019 and was formally appointed to the role of Executive Director in 2021. Karen is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the organization. She brings a wealth of experiences from her previous roles in post-secondary institution Registrar offices as well as being a member of ApplyBC and EducationPlannerBC working groups and steering committees for many years.

Stacey Baker, Director of Technology Development

Stacey has been with EducationPlannerBC since 2017 and is currently responsible for leading the Technology Development team in facilitating and managing systems development projects for EPBC’s services. Prior to joining, EducationPlannerBC, Stacey has held many different technology leadership roles in Canada and the UK, in various sectors, including in the e-commerce, financial, government, as well as health care sectors.  

Cathy van Soest, Director of Client Relations

Cathy has been with  EducationPlannerBC since 2015 and is responsible for the integration and strategic utilization of EPBC’s products and services for use by the post-secondary sectorCathy has worked in both the post-secondary and K-12 sectors and has a background in open learning, education technology and international education. She is currently the Co-Chair of the Canadian Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council User Group (CanPESC), and was a past member of the ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Steering Committee. 

Jillian Feist, Director of Corporate Relations

Jillian has been with EducationPlannerBC since 2019 and is currently responsible for operations, including administrative services, internal IT, policy and regulatory support, and reporting. Prior to joining EducationPlannerBC, she worked in the BC post-secondary education sector for over 25 years and has been actively involved in post-secondary committees and working groups during her career. Jillian is currently serving on the GEO Code Steering Committee for the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC). 


Dean Pogas, Director of Marketing and Engagement

Dean joined EducationPlannerBC in 2021 and is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the organization's marketing, communication, and engagement initiatives. Dean brings a diverse range of local and international experience from the non-profit and government sector, with a focus on learning, community partnerships, and sustainability.


Elaine Baird, Relationship Manager

Gurleen Bath, Office Coordinator

Elainah Breitenstein, Business Analyst

Adam Brown, Team Lead, UI Development

Gary Brown, Manager, Technical Operations

Cameron Chong, UI/UX Developer

Roar Christensen, API Developer

Liam Cooper, UI Developer

Catrina Duckworth, Business Analyst

Dave Dumaresq, UI Developer

Marina Dunn, UI Developer

Corey Fehr, Technical Support Analyst

Frank Giang, API Developer

Jen Grajkowski, Client Support Analyst

Helen Grimes, Project Coordinator

David He, API Developer

Angela Konieczny, Executive Assistant

Irene Kuo, Program Content Specialist

Ian MacKinnon, Lead, SIS, Architect

Melody McKiernan, Engagement Services Manager

Craig McNaughton, UI Developer

Ricky Morrison, Team Lead, API Developer

Mehrnaz Movahed, API Developer

Andre Roizman, Lead Support Analyst

Raymond Rusk, API Developer

Taylor Sutthery, Office Coordinator

Claudiu Vlasceanu, Automated Test Developer

Christina Zaenker, Community Engagement Specialist