Services and Staff

Overview of Operations

EducationPlannerBC operations are managed and supported by staff at BCcampus, on behalf of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (AEST).

EducationPlannerBC provides a range of services and supports to the operations of the overall project. Some of the activities include:

Work Plan, Budgeting, and Reporting

  • Develop, monitor, and implement the annual work plan and related budget;
  • Manage ongoing administrative operations;
  • Report regularly to AEST and the various EPBC committees;

Application Services

  • Gather requirements and act as product owner in support of onboarding PSIs to EPBC application services;
  • Provide support and enhancements to application services.

Community Engagement and Support Services

  • Oversee content management, engagement, and marketing services of EPBC;
  • Manage Helpdesk support for EPBC users.

Transcript Services

  • Plans, develops, and maintains EPBC’s Transcript Services for PSIs;
  • Works closely with AEST and the Ministry of Education to enable onboarding to the K12 transcript exchange service.

Systems Development

  • Oversees the planning, development, and maintenance of all information systems in support of application and transcript exchange services;
  • Coordinates development to enable post-secondary institutions' to onboard to EPBC services.

EducationPlannerBC Staff:

  • Karen McCredie, Interim Executive Director
  • Elaine Baird, Business Analyst
  • Stacey Baker, Manager, Systems Development
  • Gurleen Bath, Administrative Assistant
  • Adam Brown, Senior Technical Analyst
  • Winnie Chang, Marketing and Communications Strategist
  • Dave Dumaresq, Senior Technical Analyst
  • Jillian Feist, Director
  • Corey Fehr, Technical Support Analyst
  • Frank Giang, Senior Technical Analyst
  • Jen Grajkowski, Technical Support Specialist
  • David He, Senior Technical Analyst
  • Angela Konieczny, Executive Assistant
  • Irene Kuo, Advisor
  • Ian MacKinnon, Lead, Application Services
  • Melody McKiernan, Manager, Community Engagement and Support Services
  • Craig McNaughton, UI Developer
  • Ricky Morrison, Technical Analyst
  • Raymond Rusk, API Developer
  • Poonam Santiago, Advisor
  • Stacey Schoffer, Business Analyst
  • Cathy van Soest, Manager, Transcript Services
  • Taylor Sutthery, Administrative Assistant
  • Claudiu Vlasceanu, Test Automation Developer
  • Robert Wasmann, DevOps and System Administrator
  • Christina Zaenker, Advisor