EducationPlannerBC 2

In January, 2016 and at the request of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, the BC Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT) was asked to provide functional direction for the development and operation of EducationPlannerBC, which saw the integration of application services previously provided at ApplyBC into the EducationPlannerBC framework. The Ministry’s expectation is that all public post-secondary institutions use EducationPlannerBC as the common application service for undergraduate applications by September, 2018. In consultation with post-secondary institutions, new functionality has now been developed as part of EducationPlannerBC's second phase, hereby referred to as EducationPlannerBC 2.  The new features have been released into production as of June 22, 2017.  A description of the new features available is as follows.

New Functionality

  • Program Specific Short Answer Questions - Institutions now have the ability to configure and capture text answers to program specific questions as part of the application.  Questions can be configured depending on the program selected by the applicant, meaning that applicants to different programs can be asked different questions while building their application. 
  • Document Upload and Attachment – The ability to request and attach supporting documentation during the completion of the application.  This includes general documents that apply to all applicants, and program-specific documents that are required for select programs.  The documents will be sent to the institution along with the completed application.
  • General Enhancements to Program Offerings – This includes a number of enhancements to the application, including the ability to configure the application to allow applicants to pick a specific campus and intake, and the ability to specify dates for when a program is accepting applications
  • Common Form Retired - The common form use by institutions to capture partial application infomration has now been retired.  Applicants to common form institutions are now sent directly to the application service of the post-secondary institution.

Enhancements to Existing Functionality

  • User Interface Re-Development – The user interface for the application has been re-designed to provide a more applicant focused and user friendly experience.
  • Applicant Profile – The applicant profile has been made distinct from the application, allowing users to create and edit their profiles independently of creating an application to an institution.
  • Configurable Institutional Application Forms - The framework for the EducationPlannerBC-2 application forms are now configurable, with minimal components requiring implementation as institution ­specific custom programming.
  • Program Manager Redesign – The web-based Program Manager has been redesigned to allow institutions to enable and configure existing and new functionality.


  • Middleware and APIs - All middleware APIs have been modernized and integrated within EducationPlannerBC's entreprise architecture.  All institutions are now connecting to EducationPlannerBC through its Connector 3 system.