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Developing a fully integrated common online application platform requires capital investment, careful planning and comprehensive consultation and collaboration.

“The view of the Committee is that achieving the greatest benefits for students and institutions is only possible through a truly collaborative approach that maintains the flexibility and diversity at the core of the public post-secondary system in B.C.”
Common Online Application Platform Sector Advisory Committee Report, October 2015

Working together with the public post-secondary sector, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training is approaching the work in stages as seen in the graphic below. Phases 1 and 2 of the project have been completed.

Governance and Policy Accomplishments

  • Established a shared vision for a common application process for the B.C. public post-secondary sector
  • Built a collaborative interim governance model with participation by 60 committee members representing almost all public post-secondary institutions
  • Developed an integrated Plan-Search-and-Apply website
  • Conducted consultations with post-secondary leaders and students and student supports
  • Drafted policy options and governance model proposals to support next stage planning

Technical Accomplishments

  • Over 130,000 applications were submitted in 2017 using this service
  • EPBC operates an application service used by 19 public post-secondary institutions in BC, with an additional three planning to onboard by September 2018
  • EPBC also operates a transcript exchange hub for both post-secondary and K-12 transcripts, with the ability to transmit digital transcripts between the Ministry of Education, BC post-secondary institutions, and institutions outside of BC

Recent activities and a more detailed summary of accomplishments can be seen in our EPBC 2016-17 Progress Report.