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Retail Meat Processing: Apprenticeship

  • Training Level
  • Tuition Estimate
    $91.55/week; plus student-related fees of $26 per week
  • Book & Supplies Cost Estimates
  • Credential Granted
    • Apprenticeship
    • ITA Credential
  • Coordinator Contact

Application Deadline Advice

Qualified applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Early application is strongly recommended.

Training Schedule

Training schedule details provided by the BC Trades Training Consortium (TTC).

Contact TRU for the next opening.

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This program satisfies the training standard set by the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA) for:


ITA Source: 'Meatcutter' profile.


Meatcutters break down carcasses, cut meat to industry specification using hand and power tools in a safe and sanitary manner. They also order, handle and prepare a variety of meat, poultry, and seafood products for sale. Additional skills are needed in the areas of ordering, inventory control and human/customer relations.

The program combines technical and work-based training. It generally takes two to three years to complete.

The technical training is made up of two levels totaling 8 weeks. Each level is 4 weeks. This block of training is normally delivered through an ITA approved training institution. Sometimes it may also be met through approved training models (distance education, part-time) and/or a level challenge exam.

The work-based training totals 4500 hours. Based on a 30-hour work week this involves about 150 weeks of training.

Training Content

Training modules are:

  • Occupational Skills
  • Handling Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
  • Beef
  • Veal
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Poultry
  • Seafood and Freshwater Fish
  • Game
  • Processed Products



  • FOODSAFE Level 1 Certificate


  • Grade 10 or equivalent
  • English 10
  • Math 10
  • Science 10


  • Grade 12 or equivalent

Related Occupations

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