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Computing Science & Engineering Dual Degree Program (with Zhejiang U in China)

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring

  • Location
  • Campuses


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    City of Burnaby
  • Length
    Five Years
  • Tuition Estimate
    $6747 per year
  • Book & Supplies Cost Estimates
    $1500 per year
  • Credential Granted
    Bachelor's Degree

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Application Deadline Advice

Applications for general university admission must be submitted for: 

Fall Term: by January 31st             *Applications open Oct 1 to Jan 31

Spring Term: by September 15th   *Applications open Aug 1 to Sep 15

Summer Term: by January 31st      *Applications open Oct 1 to Jan 31

Application Fee: $79.50

1) Program Admission Requirements


1. Admission for high school applicants is a two-step process. Applicants must meet the competitive admission average calculated on specific high school coursework (shown below) and also submit the following materials through the DDP website (
(a) a completed Statement of Interest Form
(b) a resume outlining school achievements, extracurricular activities, and employment history if any, and
(c) names, titles and email addresses of two referees. At least one of the referees must be from a teacher/counselor/principal who can comment on academic potential and maturity for the Dual Degree Program.

2. Internal transfer applicants should seek the advice of an Applied Sciences advisor for academic and language-placement assessment.

Admission into the Faculty of Applied Sciences:

1. Student must complete a minimum of 5 approved Grade 12 courses, including all required courses for Faculty of Applied Sciences> Computing Science, Geographic Information Science, Software Systems as shown below.

2. Admission is based on an evaluation of ALL approved Grade 11 and 12 courses, with greater emphasis on List A courses than List B.

3. Students must also meet the SFU General admission requirements


*indicates required courses 

*English 11, at least one of:

Composition 11, Creative Writing 11 or Langue et culture de la francophonie 11, Études litteraires et artistiques 11, Literary Studies 11 or Études du cinema et de la litterature francophones 11, New Media 11 or Medias et communications numerique 11, Spoken Language 11 or Communication orale 11, EFP Literary Studies & New Media 11, EFP Literary Studies & Spoken Language 11, EFP Literary Studies & Writing 11 

*Language 11, at least one of:

American Sign Language 11 or 12, Beginner's Language 11,
French 11, German 11,
Italian 11, Japanese 11,
Korean 11, Mandarin 11,
Punjabi 11,
Russian 11,
Spanish 11,
Language 12 courses

*Math 11,

at least one of:

Foundations of Math 11,
Pre-Calculus 11

*Science 11, 

at least one of:

Chemistry 11, Earth Sciences 11, Environmental Science 11, Life Sciences 11,
Physics 11,
Specialized Science 12

*Social Studies 11,

at least one of:

Explorations in Social Studies 11, Francophone History 11
or an approved Social Studies 12 course

Non-required, approved Grade 11 courses:

Art Studio 11, Choral Music 11 (includes Chamber 11, Concert Choir 11, Vocal Jazz 11), Composition & Production 11, Contemporary Music 11, Dance Choreography 11, Dance Company 11, Dance Conditioning 11, Dance Foundations 11, Dance Technique & Performance 11, Directing & Scriptwriting 11, Drama 11, Engineering 11, Film & Television 11, Graphic Arts 11, Instrumental Music 11 (includes Concert Band 11, Guitar 11, Jazz Band 11, Orchestra 11), Media Arts 11, Musical Theatre 11, Photography 11, Science for Citizens 11, Studio Arts 2D 11, Studio Arts 3D 11, Theatre Company 11, Theatre Production 11


*indicates required courses 

*One of: 

English Studies 12, English First Peoples 12, Français langue et culture 12

*Physics 12 


*Pre-Calculus 12


Calculus 12 



20th Century World History 12, Accounting 12, American Sign Language 12, Anatomy & Physiology 12, Asian Studies 12, BC First Peoples 12, Chemistry 12, Comparative World Religions 12, Comparative Cultures 12, Composition 12, Computer Science 12, Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12, Creative Writing 12, Economic Theory 12, Economics 12, Engineering 12, Entrepreneurship 12, Environmental Science 12, Financial Accounting 12, Foundations of Mathematics 12, French 12, Genocide Studies 12, Geology 12, Geometry 12, German 12, Human Geography 12, Italian 12, Japanese 12, Korean 12, Law Studies 12, Literary Studies 12, Mandarin 12, Mechatronics 12, New Media 12, Philosophy 12, Physical Geography 12, Political Studies 12, Punjabi 12, Russian 12, Social Justice 12, Spanish 12, Spoken Language 12, Statistics 12, Urban Studies 12

Note: Equivalent AP or IB courses may be used in place of the above courses.

Admission Advice:

1. Verify course requirements on SFU website under Faculty of Applied Sciences> Computing Science, Geographic Information Science, Software Systems .

2. Admission is competitive and enrolment is limited.  Decisions will be made on the basis of a student's admission average in combination with the required supplemental information. 

3. Visit the SFU calendar page for more information. 


2) Institution Admission Requirements

Applicants also have to satisfy SFU's institution admission requirements as listed below.

English Language Requirements


One of the following (minimum scores):

  • Completion of the last three years of full time secondary education in English in Canada or another country where the principal language of instruction is English with a blended grade of 70% or a C in English 12, English Literature 12, English 12 First Peoples or their equivalents (an English 12 grade 75% or higher permits direct registration in writing intensive courses)
  • Completion of the last three years of full time secondary education in English at a recognized international school in a country where the primary language of instruction is not English with a grade of 70% in senior level English
  • Completion of IB English A1 or A2 (HL or SL) with a grade of 3
  • A three unit transferable English (ENGL) course or certified writing intensive course with a minimum C- grade
  • An IELTS overall band score of 6.5 with no part less than a 6.0
  • A TOEFL iBT overall score of 88 or better with a minimum 20 in each of the four components (listening, speaking, writing, and reading)

Verify with the institution directly

General Admission Requirements (All Students)

Beyond program admission requirements, you should also be aware of the following general admission requirements for SFU. These requirements include:

BC Secondary School (or equivalent)

BC Secondary School graduates who wish to be considered for admission to SFU must meet both general requirements and program-specific requirements.

Admission requirements are available for BC Secondary School graduates, check the BC or YK page



Out-of-Province Secondary School graduates who wish to be considered for admission to SFU must meet both general requirements and program-specific requirements.

Admission requirements for out-of-province secondary school graduates are detailed at the SFU Admissions website .





BC Transfer Student


You can be considered for admission as a BC Transfer Student if you have completed between 24 to 60 credits of course work. SFU provides information for students transferring from BC colleges, other Canadian universities, and institutions of applied arts and technology.  For complete details click on the Canadian College/University Transfer page.

Out-of-Province Transfer Student

You can be considered for admission as an Out-of-Province Transfer Student if you have completed between 24 to 60 credits of course work.

For complete details click on the College/University transfer page. You may then select the Canadian colleges or Canadian universities or Visiting student sub-tabs.

If you wish to transfer from an Institute of Technology or College of Applied Arts & Technology you will want to choose the Institute/Technology schools sub-tab.

Mature Student

You may be given consideration as a mature student if you are at least 23 years old, are a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, and have attempted less than 24 units of transferable course work.

For complete details on mature student admission visit the Mature Student information page.


International Student

International applicants may be admitted from secondary school, a college, or a university, or applicants may already hold a university degree.

For complete details on International student admission, click the International High School page or the International College or University page.




Other Student (including Special Consideration)

For information on other student admission categories, check Diverse Qualifications.

This category includes information on the following:

  • Indigenous students
  • Graduate Students
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Readmission/Reactivation
  • Diverse Qualifications
  • Mature Students
  • Degree Holders
  • Senior Citizen Applicants
  • Adult Graduation Diploma
  • English Bridge Program
  • Early Entry
  • Irregular Admission (Faculty of Education)
  • Concurrent Studies
  • Calculus Examination Certificate
  • Independent Schools

How to Apply

For application advice to SFU please click here.