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Arborist Technician: Apprenticeship

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  • Coordinator Contact 604.598.6102

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Training Schedule

Training schedule details provided by the BC Trades Training Consortium (TTC).

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This program satisfies the training standard set by the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA) for:

Arborist Technician

ITA Source: 'Arborist Technician' profile.


Arborist technicians are responsible for pruning and performing other work on trees from the ground. This work involves identifying plants, selecting rigging gear, and having knowledge of how to fall, limb, and buck trees, select rigging gear, assist climbers, chip brush, cut wood and clean up sites after tree care operations

The program combines technical training and work-based training. It normally takes one year to complete.

The technical training is 8 weeks. This block of training is normally delivered through an ITA approved training institution. Sometimes it may also be met through approved training models (distance education, part-time) and/or a level challenge exam.

The work-based training totals 1600 hours. Based on a 30-hour work week this involves just over 53 weeks of training.

Training Content

Modules of training cover:

  • Regulations and Other Occupational Skills
  • Power Equipment
  • Hand and Small Power Tools
  • Tree Work and Management
  • Falling and Bucking
  • Rigging
  • Climbing
  • Emergency Response



  • Grade 10 or equivalent
  • English 10
  • Math 10
  • Science 10

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