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English Studies Certificate Program

  • Fall
  • Winter

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    City of Coquitlam
  • Length
    Contact 604.939.6633
  • Tuition Estimate
    $750 per course
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    Contact 604.939.6633
  • Credential Granted

This is a developmental program.

Looking for ways to fund your education? Check out Coquitlam's financial aid and awards page.

Application Deadline Advice

Applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Application Fee: $125

1) Program Admission Requirements


1. Complete a Coquitlam College English Diagnostic Test for placement in appropriate course.


2) Institution Admission Requirements

Applicants also have to satisfy Coquitlam's institution admission requirements as listed below.

General Admission Requirements (All Students)

1. Completion of an accredited high school program.

2. You must have proficiency in English at a level suitable for your desired program.

How to Apply

For details on How to Apply check here.

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