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Welder B and Welder A: Modular Training

  • Training Level
  • Tuition Estimate
    $1,900 (Welder B); $1,000 (Welder A)
  • Book & Supplies Cost Estimates
    $800 - $1,200 Total
  • Credential Granted
    • Apprenticeship
    • ITA Credential
  • Coordinator Contact
    Joy Brown at 250-489-2751 (x3330) or
    1-877-489-2687 (x3330)

Application Deadline Advice

Applications will open in November. Admission is based upon a first qualified, first-admitted principle which is based on the date and time the applicant meets all admission requirements. Early application is therefore recommended. 

Verify with the institution for specific dates.

Training Schedule

Training schedule details provided by the BC Trades Training Consortium (TTC).

Contact COTR for the next opening.

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Apprenticeship Training

This program satisfies the training standard set by the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA) for:

  • Welder Apprenticeship training program

Modular training is for welders who track their technical training and practical work-based hours in a Welder Logbook, and are registered with the ITA upon certification.

With successful completion of Welder B technical training, 1950 work-place hours, and successful completion of the Welder Red Seal exam (with the exception for those who completed Modular B training prior to April 1, 2012), welders will receive a Certificate of Qualification as a B Welder and the B Stamp in their logbook from the ITA, making them eligible to qualify to test for pressure (PWP) testing in British Columbia. Also upon completion of the Welder B program students will write the inter-provincial (Red Seal) welder exam. Once you have accumulated 4,500 work-place hours, welders receive Red Seal, interprovincial certification and Red Seal stamp in their logbook.

With successful completion of Welder A and 3,450 work-place hours (to accumulate to a total of 4,500 hours), welders receive the Certificate of Qualification as an A Welder and the A Stamp in their logbook from the ITA.

If you are a registered apprentice, check out the Welder Apprenticeship training program.