Career Centres & Alumni Services

All post-secondary institutions have career services available. These can be very helpful both while you are a student and after you graduate. Here is what you can expect from campus career services.

  1. Career advising
  2. Resume writing workshops
  3. Job search and interview skill workshops
  4. Portfolio preparation workshops
  5. Graduate school application workshops
  6. Information on how to find an apprenticeship sponsor
  7. Career coaching
  8. Part-time work job postings
  9. Co-op education job postings
  10. Full-time career related job postings
  11. Career related volunteer opportunities
  12. Classroom to career workshops
  13. Career fairs (employers come to campus to recruit employees)
  14. Professional networking opportunities/events

It is your responsibility to develop a relationship with your campus career centre. Taking the time to meet the career centre staff and participating in their programs can be a huge help when it comes to finding work.

Alumni Association

After you graduate, you are considered an alumni of the institution you graduated from. And with that comes some benefits. These benefits can support your job search and ongoing career development.  Alumni benefits include:

  1. Ongoing access to your institution’s job posting board
  2. Special networking events where you can meet potential employers and/or clients
  3. Publications and newsletters that provide you with insight into what you can do with your credential
  4. Awards that could be added to your resume
Campus Career Centres can help launch your career