International Students

During your study:

If you are a current international student looking to work in Canada, you may require a permit to work:

  • on-campus;
  • off-campus part-time;
  • during a co-op or internship placement;
  • as research assistant;
  • in some volunteer positions; or
  • as a post-graduate student.

After your program completion:

Students can apply to get a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) which gives you permission to remain in Canada as a worker and work full-time for up to three years after graduating from a Canadian post-secondary institution. 

The criteria may vary depending on your status and your employment plans. Each post-secondary institution has an International Student Office with advisors to help you. Confirm your plans with them before you begin any form of paid or volunteer work.

Check with your International Student Office to discuss your employment options.