Career Assessments

Assessing Career Assessment Tools to Career Plan

As you surf the web, you will see many fee-based career planning resources out there and it's common to wonder if paying for a career assessment when planning your education is valuable. Here are a few tips:

1. How can an online career assessment help?

Career assessments are meant to help you confirm aptitudes and interests. They are not meant to uncover your hidden talents. The feedback you receive from different assessment tools may differ depending on the types of questions and answers provided.  Results from career assessment tools should not be seen as definitive, as there is no single assessment that will uncover all of your skills and talents.  If you are unsure how to interpret the results of a career assessment tool, speak with a parent, advisor, or career counsellor who will be able to provide advice.  It can be difficult to pull different threads of information together, therefore it is wise to seek additional feedback from people with experience.

2. Consider free career assessment resources

There are several resources available to offer reliable career assessment tools. There is no one resource that will work for absolutely everyone. You are best to use a couple different resources and compare the results. Career assessments are not meant to tell you what to do, but only to provide you with some insight into your aptitudes and interests.

These resources will help you get started:

Institutions have career counsellors and career services available to help you