Co-op Education Programs

Co-Op is a
Great Opportunity

Cooperative education program aka "co-op"

Provides academic credit by combining classroom-based education with a paid, practical work experience.

In talking to graduates who struggled to find employment related to their studies, a common theme that emerges is that they under estimated the importance of balancing their studies with relevant work experience.  In BC there are hundreds of post-secondary programs that include a co-op component. Typically, Co-op grads enter the employment world with a greater degree of confidence, a higher starting salary, and advance more rapidly in their careers.

Co-op students will:

  1. Earn money to help pay for their education
  2. Apply classroom theory to a work environment
  3. Gain practical experience in a field of study
  4. Gain insight into their career field
  5. Learn about the expectations of employers
  6. Develop communication skills
  7. Develop resume writing, & interview skills
  8. Gain valuable employment contacts & references

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