Plan For Success

starts with
good planning

Compare and consider your options

there are a lot out there

BC's post-secondary system has the breadth and flexibility to offer programs on a wide variety of career options.

Find the BC post-secondary program that fits you.

Step 1: What's out there?

Use EducationPlannerBC's Program Search to find different programs here in BC. Search and focus by subject, location, length of time, or try different keywords or filters.

Step 2: What fits you?

Compare a few different post-secondary institutions and programs. Do they fit with your career goals, the time you have, and how much you can afford? Many programs offer laddering or transfer opportunities - meaning where you start is not always where you finish.

Not sure about your career goals? Search 500 career profiles to learn about the training, education and salary you could expect. Or use the WorkBC’s career toolkit to help you discover career options that may suit you best.

Step 3: Know your institution's entrance requirements.

Each institution has its own rules on how you can be part of their school, called General Institution Admission Requirements.  Know them.  Meet them.

Step 4: First the institution, then the program.

In addition to the General Institution Admission Requirements, the program itself may have additional requirements, called Program Admission Requirements.  Know these.  Meet these.  

When you find a program in EducationPlannerBC click on the left sidebar to review the Admissions Info. Use this as a checklist and ensure you have met the prerequisites and other admissions requirements prior to applying. 

Step 5: Money matters.

Not all institutions cost the same, not all programs have the same expenses. Compare tuition, living costs, transportation costs, as well as cost of books and supplies.  Explore scholarships and bursaries - the earlier you apply for these, the better.

See our Finance section for more info about expenses and financial aid.

Step 6: There are deadlines!

Each institution has different application deadlines, and even programs within an institution may have different application deadlines.  There are deadlines for different types of financial aid as well.  Know them.  Meet them.  Applying early is a good idea, programs can fill up fast. 

Step 7: Explore the campus and services.

Check out our map listing all the public and some private institutions.  Make a trip to the campus, figure out the lay of that land.  Check out housing options, clubs, sports, activities, and services that are available for you. Your campus life is an important part of your educational journey.

Step 8: Get help.

If you have questions about any or all of the above, ask for help!  Contact an academic advisor or the New Students or Student Recruitment office at the institution.  Make an appointment and come prepared with your plan and questions.

Step 9: Get apply-ready!

Preparing a post-secondary admissions application takes time and there's also an application fee. Do your research, find the program for you. See How to Apply for help.

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