Academic Advisors

Advisors are there to help

Each post-secondary institution offers academic advising support

An academic advisor provides you with information about programs, course offerings, and program requirements. They help you make decisions to reach your educational goals.

Get the most from your time with an advisor!


  1. Focus your conversation on one or two programs you're interested in. Use EducationPlannerBC to narrow down your options.

  2. Focus your questions on the program at that institution, not programs at other institutions. If you need information about another institution, search EducationPlannerBC and then contact that institution directly.

  3. Use your advisor to help you with the following:
    • Mapping out an educational plan toward your career goal
    • Specific program admission requirements
    • Using the institution's degree audit software
    • Post-secondary course selection
    • Selecting a major or minor
    • Inquiring about certification status or learning opportunities
    • Transferring course credits from one institution to another
    • Making changes to your program of study
    • Tracking your progress through your program

  4. Be prepared for your advising appointments!
    • Research your program
    • Attend a general group advising or program information session
    • Prepare specific questions to discuss
    • Bring transcripts or other useful documents

  5. Keep records of the advice given, make an Action list, and follow up to make sure you're on the right track.

  6. Learn the best way to communicate with your advisor. In addition to one-on-one appointments, many advisors use email, drop-in sessions and workshops to communicate with students.

Academic Advisors are there to help you succeed but that responsibility falls on your shoulders. See an academic advisor periodically at your post-secondary institution to stay on track. If you have a question or a concern, be sure to check with them as soon as possible.

Most institutions offer scheduled advising appointments and drop-in advising services which can help with the following:

  • adding or dropping a course from your timetable
  • checking if an elective is useable for your program of study
  • updates on various deadlines
  • confirming time table schedules
  • information about institution policies and procedures
  • referrals to other student service departments
Check out EducationPlannerBC resources as well!