Anti-racist Facilitation Training Award of Achievement

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Program type
92 hours
Start date
$3,200 total


Get the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills to address Indigenous-specific racism in adult learning environments. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

Design and deliver lessons that guide learners through the experiential learning cycle, demonstrating effective lesson design, teaching, and facilitation skills.
Discuss key concepts of racism and colonization, including the history and ongoing manifestations of colonization, and respond to common misconceptions and objections.
Identify and analyze the different ways learner resistance may manifest in response to discussions on colonial history and other Indigenous-related content.
Develop self-awareness on what may trigger facilitators and learners in the face of anti-Indigenous racism and resistance.
Use self-awareness as a tool for managing triggers in self and others when addressing anti-Indigenous racism.
Employ a range of specific strategies to unsettle the resistance and support learning in their classroom.
Discuss how co-facilitation and inter-racial facilitation can be used to navigate challenging situations in the classroom.
Demonstrate effective anti-racist facilitation, inter-racial facilitation, and co-facilitation skills in dealing with a range of facilitation scenarios.
Develop a sustainable reflective practice for ongoing improvement.

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