Computer Systems (Human Computer Interface Option): Bachelor of Technology (Part-Time)

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Program type
Bachelor’s Degree
2 years (part-time)
Start date
January, April, September
$500 - $800 per course


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The Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems, Human Computer Interface Option, encompass the key areas of interface design, interaction design and User Centred Design (UCD), as well as the most recent evolutions in the field currently referred to as User Experience (UX or UE) design. It prepares graduates to understand, plan and design effective user interfaces, which both work well technically while retaining the kind of strong “audience awareness.” The program includes knowledge and skill development in graphics/multimedia design and aesthetic awareness, as well as essential technical knowledge and a wide variety of current user study techniques and methodologies. The focus of this option encompasses all contemporary delivery platforms (egs: Apple, Google, Windows OSs, etc. and devices) and is designed to give graduates the tools, resources and critical thinking required to succeed with all current new technologies.

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