Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is the second largest university in BC. Its main campus is on Burnaby Mountain in Burnaby.  Simon Fraser University also has two additional campuses - The Harbour Centre Campus in downtown Vancouver and the Surrey Campus in the Fraser Valley.  Each of these campuses offers easier access for individuals working or living in Vancouver's downtown core or in the Fraser Valley. SFU offers a wide range of studies in, for example: Arts, Sciences, Fine and Performing Arts, Kinesiology, Education, Business, Engineering and Computer Science. Its newest additions include Interactive Arts and Technology programs.

FACILITY/SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS: The Burnaby Campus houses student housing, a pool and two gyms, an art gallery and theatre and a student-operated radio station. The Harbour Centre and Surrey Campuses are directly on the Sky Train route. Services for students include: intramural sports and fitness programs; computer labs, a full range of health, personal and career counselling services; child care services; a (free) legal advice clinic; an ecumenical chaplaincy; a student employment centre; and a Student Society-operated pub and coffee house. 


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