With the rapidly changing environment regarding COVID-19, EducationPlannerBC is committed to providing students, parents and educators with information from post-secondary institutions as quickly as possible. Please note that if you have applied for admission to the Fall 2020 term, institutions are continuing to review applications but given the current health situation, it may take a little longer than usual for a response.

Our Helpdesk will remain available to answer any questions or concerns regarding applications.

Please find links to post-secondary institution websites regarding their response on COVID-19 in our FAQs.

Please find the Ministry of Education regular updates regarding COVID-19 here: Safe & Healthy Schools.

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How can I recover my username and/or password?

  • Please note that all accounts are automatically removed after 9 months of inactivity.
  • Also, accounts created before June 22, 2017 were removed from the system after an upgrade, and you cannot recover these accounts. 

Follow these instructions to retrieve your username and password.    
    1. Go to
    2. Type your email address in the box and click Recover Account.
    3. You will be sent an email with your Username and a temporary password. 
* If you do not receive an email with your new password within 15 minutes, check your spam, junk, or trash folders for an email from 
  1. Carefully copy the password from the email you received. 
    * Make sure not to copy an additional space at the beginning or end of the password.
    * Select ""Show Password"" to ensure the password is entered correctly.
  2. Go to:
  3. Type in your Username and paste in the password from the email. 
  4. Click Login.
    * If you receive an ""Invalid"" message, try clearing the cache on your web browser (or trying an alternate browser or device) and return to Step 5.
After successfully logging in to your account, change your password to something you will remember. 
  1. Click Update Password (on the upper right, under your username)
  2. In the Current Password field, paste in the password from the email you received.
  3. Type in a new password, twice.
  4. Click Update Password.
If you cannot recover your information using the above instruction, create a new EducationPlannerBC account at
 If you are not receiving the Account Recovery email from EducationPlannerBC:
  • verify that your account email is correct
  • search all folders (especially Spam/Junk folders) for an email from
  • send an email to so your email system can recognize our email address as OK, then request the password or account email again.

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