My credit card payment won't go through or was declined. What do I do?

Please note that most schools do not accept Visa Debit.  If you are using a Debit-Credit card, please find an alternate card or try a pre-paid card.

Possible reasons why your payment may not go through:  
  • You have used a credit card type that is not accepted by the institution you are applying to. Most institutions will list the cards they accept on the payment page.  All accept Visa and MasterCard, but very few accept Visa Debit or American Express. If you do not have an accepted credit card, you may be able to use a prepaid credit card. 
  • You are using a non-Canadian card that functions as both a credit card and debit card.  If so, make sure it is being processed as a credit card when paying your application fee.
  • Your payment may have been declined for financial or security reasons. Please contact your credit card provider.
  • Technical issues: errors may sometimes be resolved by clearing the browser's cache and trying again, or using an alternate browser or device.
  • Other payment problems may occur because of computer firewall settings or a slow Internet connection. This can often be solved by submitting payment from a computer on a different network.  For example, if you are applying from a computer at a public institution or using mobile data or WiFi, try using a home computer.
Once you click Submit, it may take several minutes to complete your fee payment transaction.  DO NOT close your browser while the payment is processing. A confirmation message will display once the payment process is complete.
If you receive an error message during the payment process, a duplicate pre-authorization may show on your credit card record (it temporarily 'reserves' the funds on your card) . The duplicate should disappear from your record within approximately one week, depending on your bank/payment processor. 
If your problem persists, please contact the institution's admissions/registrar's office to arrange payment. Find their information in the list of Admissions Contacts for telephone, email, and web contact options.

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