I cannot complete the application form. What can I do?

Try clearing the cache on your web browser, or using a different device or different browser (such as a desktop computer with the latest version of Chrome).

You will also need to have verified your account in the Confirm Account email.  You will be able to complete the form but you will not be able to submit your application until your account is confirmed. Please see Confirm Account for tips on troubleshooting this issue.
If you are still having problems, select Contact Us and include these details to describe what is happening:
  • screenshots of the issue
  • the time it happened
  • the device you are using (for example, a Mac or PC laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.)
  • the operating system (such as Windows 10, Mac 10.13.3/High Sierra)
  • browser name and version (Chrome 63.0.32, Firefox 54.0.1, Safari 11.0.2, usually found under ""Help"" or ""About"" in the browser's menu)
  • network type and provider (Shaw, Telus, Rogers, modem, WiFi, home internet, and others)
  • what city you are applying from (local issues sometimes occur)
Your information will help us resolve your question as quickly as possible and prevent further issues.

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