What information and documents do I need to apply?

The EducationPlannerBC application form requires:
  • personal information (legal and preferred names, birth date, language, citizenship)
  • contact information (current mailing address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts)
  • academic history (high schools and post-secondary institutions, including the month and year you started and finished)
  • program name (for the program you are applying for)
  • term or date you would like to start
  • payment of an application fee. Some institutions allow applicants to pay the fee later. Common payment forms include credit cards (including prepaid); most institutions do not accept debit (or Visa Debit) as a form of payment.
  • (optional) Personal Education Number - if you attended high school in British Columbia
  • (optional) OUAC number - if you attended high school in Ontario
Some application forms require additional documents. When possible, have these documents available in scanned or digital format to submit through the Upload Additional Documents section. Select Save on the form (before you hit Submit) if your application is not yet complete.
Check here for examples of supplementary documents and items to prepare before starting the application: or check the institution's website for program-specific requirements.

Please note that you cannot make changes to an application within EducationPlannerBC once your application is submitted -- if you wish to make changes to an existing application please contact the admissions/registrar's office at the school you applied to.

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