Complete your Application

Completing your application involves choosing the institution and program you want to apply to and providing additional institution-specific information

Select Institution

First, select the Institution where you would like to submit an application.


Make sure to read the Information for Applicants section to find out important institution-specific information.


Select Create Application to begin filling out the application.

Program Selection

The program selection is where you indicate which term you want to start, what admission category you belong to, and which Faculty and program(s) you wish to apply. Depending on the institution you are applying to, the options below may appear slightly different. 

Once you have completed this section, the icon will change from yellow to green. 

Additional Information

Each institution may require additional information from you.  See below for a few examples of the questions asked in the Additional Information section.


Once you have completed this section, the icon will change from yellow to green. 

Got interrupted before you saved your application?  No problem! EducationPlannerBC auto-saves while you are working on your application.

Log in and continue working on all your in-progress applications!

​Review and Submit

Select Review & Submit to go over your information and make changes and edits before submitting your application.

Application Fee

Before submitting your application, pay any applicable application fee, confirm your current email address and provide your consent for Information Disclosure and Declaration of Applicant.  Please note that the application fees vary by institution, applicant type and program. 


All icons green? After you select Submit Application, you will see a confirmation page like below.

Congratulations – you now know how to apply using EducationPlannerBC!  To submit another application, select another institution and follow the same steps! 

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