What are Transcripts?

A transcript is

an official record of all courses you have taken with credits and grades documented

Transcripts for Secondary Students

BC secondary school students will need to provide their Personal Education Number (PEN) when applying. The PEN allows a post-secondary institution to receive your grades from secondary school to evaluate your application.If you are unsure about how to obtain your PEN, please see the Ministry of Education's Obtaining your PEN.  You can authorize post-secondary institutions to view your online BC highschool transcript using the Post Secondary Institutions Selections Form on the Ministry of Education's secure EdAccess site (see instructions).  

If you are not currently attending a BC secondary school, or would like to obtain a copy of your secondary school transcript, contact your secondary school for more information.  Many post-secondary institutions require transcripts to be sent directly from the secondary school, and will not accept transcripts that are not in an official sealed envelope or that have been photocopied.

Transcripts for Post-Secondary Students

Transcripts are maintained by the Admissions Office or Registrar's Office at all post-secondary institutions. Transcripts can be ordered online and sent directly to the post-secondary institution to which you are applying. Typically, there is a transcript fee.

When applying to attend a different post-secondary institution, your entire post-secondary history will be reviewed. You must arrange to send all of your official transcripts, including institutions where you may have only take one or two courses.

Transcripts for International Students

If you are an international student, there may be different requirements for documentation depending upon where you have studied in the past.  Visit the website of the post-secondary institution to which you plan to apply for more information about the documentation required from your country of study.

Find out more on transcripts or order your transcript online here.
Official academic record